The “Father of Modern Art in Thailand”

Professor Silpa Bhirasri (Corrado Feroci)

Prof. Corrado Feroci was born in Florence, Italy and travelled to work as a sculptor at the Fine Arts Dept. in the reign of King Rama VI. He was appointed to teach sculpture at the Royal Academy’s Fine Arts section and was later made principal of the Artisan’s section of the Fine Arts School. Luang Vichit-Vadakan helped him to become a naturalised Thai citizen when Italy surrendered to the Allies in World War II, and gave him the Thai name Silpa Bhirasri.

In 1943 the Fine Arts School was upgraded to university status and given the name Silpakorn University. He was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Sculpture, and his work included building Royal monuments and many important large-scale works.

1892 :
1907 – 1917 :
1914 – 1923 :
1927 – 1930 :
1930 :
1933 :

1938 :

1943 :

1944 :

1949 :

Born in Santa Giovanni, Florence, Italy on the 15th of September.
Studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence,
Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence.
Worked on statute of King Phar Buddha Yfd Fah (King Rama I).
Commanded to look after the bronze cast of the statue in Milan, Italy.
Founded the School of Fine Arts, Became a teacher and administrator of the
school. Taught art, art history, styles of art, etc.
Graduation of the First group of students of the School of Fine Arts. Took
a nine month leave and visited his homeland in Italy.
Prime Minister H.E. Field Marshal P.Pibulsonggram visited the School of Fine
Arts and proposed to the Council of Ministers to raise the status of the
School of Fine Arts the status of university. He was entrusted to establish
the University of Fine Arts (Silpakorn University). Became a Professor and
Dean of Faculty of Painting and Faculty of Sculpture. Taught art, art history,
styles of art, aesthetic, art criticism, etc.
Professor Feroci became a Thai citizen and changed his name to SILPA
Faced with severe economic problem of post World War II period. Left
Bangkok for Italy and considered to resign. He returned to work after the
Thai government approved the new scale of salary. Organized the 1st
National Exhibition of Art.

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