Purdue researchers "perfecting" new hydrogen-generating technology
Posted Aug 28th 2007 4:50PM by Donald Melanson

Those mad scientists at Purdue University seem to think they have something big on their hands, with them now claiming that they’re "perfecting" a new hydrogen-generating technology that they first announced earlier this year.
According to the researchers, the technology could represent a "pollution-free energy source" for a whole range of applications, with it effectively generating "hydrogen on demand." To do that, the researchers added water to an alloy of aluminum and gallium, which attracts oxygen from the water, letting hydrogen loose in the process.
This latest development centers on a new and improved form of the alloy that boasts a higher concentration of aluminum, which apparently allows it to react more rapidly with water to form hydrogen. While the technology is still under "intense investigation," the researchers are planning to detail their findings at the 2nd Energy Nanotechnology International Conference that goes down in Santa Clara, California on September 7th.
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