Northern Lights Photo of the Year 2001

Phil Hoffman, Canada
2001 has been the toughest photo contest so far in the history of, with 370 participating photographs. Thanks to 3141 votes from our visitors, 12 photos were selected from those 370, and finally from those 12, the jury chose – after careful consideration – the northern lights photo of the year 2001.

Mr. Hoffman’s photo shows both depth and balance, and has a very clean composition. The aurora is strong and mysterious, and the photographer hasn’t fallen for the temptation of overexposing – this is what the aurora actually looks like when observed with your own eyes. Photographing northern lights always involves an element of chance, and when there is a display, one needs to react quickly. This photo has been very well planned in advance, and the photographer has just been waiting for the right moment to press the button on his camera.

A very impressive photo, which our jury feel deserves the title "Northern lights photo of the year 2001". The jury and staff at congratulates the winner, and wish to thank all participants in the 2001 contest. The level of enthusiasm you have shown impresses us and has done so since we started this contest in 1999. We hope to see you all in the 2002 contest. As we say in Norwegian: "Tusen takk!", a thousand thanks! Mr. Hoffman was invited to Andøya Rocket Range February 6th to 11th

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