Angel – Saybia

It’s not the world that’s out of order
It’s me, it’s me
Guess I ran along my borders
Just to see, just to see

If a friendly face would drop by and rescue me
But I lost my faith as I lost my way

It’s not the street that’s made of concrete
It’s you, it’s you
Guess I try to penetrate it with this point of view
I had never taken more than I give to you
I was led astray and I lost my way

Never felt so alone
Stripped naked and cold to the bone
Lost my faith in her on my own
With no queue by the door to my home

It’s not the light that casts the shadow
It’s doubt, it’s doubt
As a melancholic sorrow came about, came about

I had never fought as hard though as I do for you
I’m not getting strong to prove I’m wrong

And god sent an angel
An angel
She’s an angel
An angel…

It’s not my life that’s obsolete
It’s youth, my youth
Guess it took a while for me to see the truth, see the truth
I got stuck in minor details so I missed the point
I got so much more than I bargained for… 

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  1. jean-ludovic says:

    did you write this ? 😮 :p 

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