Hello Spartacus—You are predominately a Warrior!

You also possess aspects of the Lover, Magician, and King/Queen personalities and your complete personality profile can be described as 30.8% Warrior, 23.1% Lover, 23.1% Magician, and 23.1% King/Queen.*

chart_warrior      heading_warrior

A force of nature, Warriors have the power and confidence to conquer any task

Confident, competitive, and analytical, you are a fierce and steady protector of your friends, family, and all things you hold dear. You’re extremely ambitious, targeted, and determined—almost to a fault of being self-centered—and are an undeniable force of industriousness.

While you’re logical, orderly, and respect the rules like the King and Queen, you’re much more assertive and always ready to dive into action or conflict. Because you prefer to be somewhat isolated, you tend to have few very good friends, but these friends definitely count on you whenever there’s a task to be done with precision.


  • Confident
  • Focused
  • Independent


  • Harsh
  • Impulsive
  • Insensitive


Russell Crowe, Gwen Stefani, Dick Cheney, Margaret Thatcher, Madonna, Demi Moore, Rob Zombie, Carl Lewis, Pink, Venus Williams, Donald Rumsfeld, Oprah, Teddy Roosevelt, Jack Welch, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Hugh Hefner, Miranda (Sex and the City)

Location on the cognitive-emotional spectrum
Located in the lower left quadrant of this spectrum, your personality reflects your strong emotional sense of confidence. Your style of thinking tends to be more left-brained— logical, sequential, rational, and objective.

Located on the other end of the spectrum, your perfect opposite is a nurturing and creative Lover. ["Let me know if you’re the lover!!!" says MayC ^^ LOL]

"Give up the battle to win the war:" Dare to be occasionally weak to be seen as "real" to others and find that enemies can become friends if you let them have a bit of the power.

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