"Lucky bastard!"–Lisa

"No matter what you want from your hair…"
…. "All this stuff, there was no pattern to it.
But everything fell into place
once I realized that
different women want different things for their hair"
…..Jack repeated good-humouredly.
"Profound. That’s got to be up there
with Einstein’s theory of relativity… Time is not an absolute,"
he scoffed,
"but depends on the shininess of the observer’s hair in space."
"And space is not an absolute,
but depends on the shininess of the observer’s hair in time.
What a worthwhile job we do here!"

She’d been afraid to read too much into it
because she so badly wanted it to mean something.

"I can think of nothing else apart from you," he said.
He sounded quite matter-of-fact.
"It’s affecting everything"–Jack

"And I still think you’d like sushi, if you’d only trust me," he added wistfully–Jack
"I do trust you"–Ashling

Then Jack said softly,
"Ashling, you are the nicest thing that has ever happened to me,"–Jack

Sushi for Beginners–Marian Keyes 0060520507

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  1. Kit says:

    อยากอ่านภาคภาษาไทยบ้างจัง…..พลีส พลีส
    อิอิอิ but thai version might not be absolute, I dare say.

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