Yep, I knew about centrifugal force
But, hey, gimme a break!
It’s scary than you think!

And hell yeah, it’s hurt!
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2 Responses to ^^

  1. Renny Bakke says:

    Great to see your having fun and swinging like Jane. Hope your okay anyway 🙂

  2. jean-ludovic says:

    :O:Dthat was great :o:d :d:d !!! often like in life :DDD … it seems that the more wonderful is that you kept your smile and laugh !!! ( as Jonathan Livingstone the Seagale )….even "respecting" the centrifugal force after forgeting it …. it’s a good soft re-call of Nature’s Rules …. sweet << Mother Nature’s Son >> ( Beatles)… then, the next step will earn a highter level of fun !!!
    Experiment…. and keep smiling always = LIFE

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