25 Questions, 25 Answers

By Lincoln Spector, PC World


Part One

  • Is there a downside to using free security programs?
  • How can I make Windows Vista’s UAC less annoying?
  • Why can’t my XP PC see my Windows Vista PC on the network?
  • Is TV burn-in a real problem?
  • Can failing to drain batteries completely before recharging them still cause problems?

Part Two

  • What’s the easiest way to back up data?
  • Should I scan from a print or from the negative?
  • What is the best way to create strong passwords?
  • How can I get my Wi-Fi signal to the far end of my house?
  • Do I need a 64-bit PC—and if so, why?

Part Three

  • Why should I buy a desktop instead of a laptop?
  • How can I get my PC to boot at a scheduled time?
  • What features are most important in a digital camera?
  • Why is my e-mail landing in friends’ spam boxes?
  • Is it safe to overclock my CPU?

Part Four

  • Should I turn off my PC at night?
  • Can I boot from a USB drive?
  • What are the best sites for DRM-free music?
  • How do I automate boilerplate text in my e-mail?
  • How long can a PC go unprotected, and yet uninfected?

Part Five

  • When will Moore’s Law run out?
  • Does Windows Vista have any DOS 1.0 code?
  • Why is Internet access slower in the U.S. than in other developed nations?
  • What’s Windows Vista doing with all that RAM?
  • What’s the oldest computer that still works?

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