You tell me what to do…

… and I will go behind your back and do whatever I want.
Liz Phair-You can count on my love
Don’t know where we’ll be tomorrow
But we’ll beg and borrow everything we need
You standing next to me
Where I wanna be
Is anywhere you are

Some day if we never said it
We might live to regret it
Come on, don’t let us slip away in a daze

Blue eyes, bluer than the blue sky
Smiling down like sunshine
Everywhere you are
For you, I only want the best
You only have to ask
And I’ll be there for you

You go through your whole life waiting
But you don’t know what you’re waiting for
One day you’ll meet somebody
And your whole world now is an open door

You can count on my love
An umbrella when it’s raining
When you feel your hope is fading
You can count on my love

With me you’ll feel protected
And you’ll never be rejected
When you need a friend to lean on
You know you never need a reason
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