m dancing the no-thrill thriller

Have a good laugh ^_^

p.s. my excuse: I don’t/can’t dance T_T. 

You wanna see me doing yoga & playing guitar next?

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5 Responses to m dancing the no-thrill thriller

  1. Kit says:

    Hey not bad at all, seemed like you were stretching at first, then kinda got it.
    Then, only thing is the face,………………….. should I type more? heheheheh Thanks a million!  Good Job

  2. Renny Bakke says:

    Thanks – what a great performance – your soon a Proooooo!Of course I wanna see you doing yoga and playing 😆

  3. Dispong says:

    What’s your inspiration??? 13 going on 30???

  4. Tanya says:

    Oh girl! You made me laugh so hard LOL
    You’re funny!

  5. Joy Akarapongpisan says:

    May… u are dammmmm funnnyyyyyyy and CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahaahhaha

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