once in a lifetime experience

Ohhhhh…. I just have to write this down….
A hedgehog walked pass me today!!!!! Stepped on me, actually!
I stopped dead when I saw him. You know, didn’t have a faintest idea what to do. My right foot was on the front. Froze. He just slowly stepped on it and stopped 3 feet away. Hiding his head to the tree. So damn cute. I took a look at his butt up close and forgot all about his needles/ spines/ quills (?). Speaking of that, I wasn’t sure if he’s a hedgehog or a porcupine… Thanks for not attacking me anyway ^_^.
It might not sound so exciting…. You gotta be in my shoes! ^^
What are the odds of having a hedgehog stepping on one?!!! Huh???!!!
hehe ^^
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